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Chappati & Puri Maker

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Chapati is an unleavened flatbread (also known as roti) from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.[1] It is a common staple in South Asia as well as amongst South Asian expatriates throughout the world. Versions of the dish are also found in Central Asia and the Horn of Africa, with the laobing flatbread serving as a local variation in China. Chapati is known as sapati or doday in the Pashto language.

For centuries women have spent time daily to make round rotis and puris for their families, a task which is often described as a chore and a hassle. The Chapati maker solves this problem and frees up people from the daily chore.

Make the chappati dough.  After that take one round ball , keep it on the surface and press it.  It gives a nice round shape puri or chapati.  Even a small kid can make a nice  round size chappati.

After making the chappati put it in the chappati tawa for cooking.  Enjoy the fresh chappati.

Diameter 15cm

Height 2.5cm


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