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Chick Peas Premium Quality (Kabuli Channna)

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Garbanzos are also called chickpeas beans, channa and ceci. Kabuli ones are the best in quality. One of the oldest cultivated legume species known, going back as far as 5400 B.C. in the Near East. They are pale and light brown and are used whole. This is popular in North Indian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. In North India it is made into the popular channa masala (chile) dish. In the middle East it is made into hummus, falafel, and added to pilafs. Common dishes such as cous cous, hummus, chole, are made from Garbanzos. Now they have found their way in Mexican, Cuban and other Latin American cuisine. Gaining popularity in ISA use in salads, soups and stews. For easy use soak overnight and discard the water in which they are soaked. Its nutty flavor and minimal fat and versatile qualities make it into popular dishes which soon become a favorite for anyone who tries it. Soak overnight for best results.

Soak overnight for best results - will swell to about 3 times of the dry garbanzo before soaking.  Soak a little extra and refrigerate it and use in other dishes - beautiful addition to future dishes.  For 1 cup soaked beans, add 2 cups water to cook.  Cover and simmer 1.5 - 2 hours (2.5 - 3 hours if not soaked).
      Cooking Ideas
      1.  Soaked and sprouted is used for salads
      2.. Makes a wonderful hearty chili and is excellent with flat breads
      3.  They're great tossed into a green salad or even soup.
      4.  Boiled and pureed to make hummus
      5.  Boil and add to cooked rice and season with your favorite seasonings to make a wonderful balanced meal

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